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Functionality and convenience

TWINfilm, a patented resealing system for almost any packaging line, is the innovative solution from PETRO POLOPLAST GmbH

TWINfilm, a patented resealing system

Films with integrated peelable seal for existing horizontal packaging lines.
Production without the need for major alterations. Easy to open and resealable film bags for the consumer.

Food packaging made of resealable plastic film is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers and consumers. Through the use of a prefabricated film roll comprising two film webs with an integrated peelable seal, this roll can be used on existing horizontal packaging lines without the need for major alterations. The consumer receives an easy-open film bag with a resealable packaging solution a range of product lines, e.g. sausage, cheese, snacks, confectionery, tobacco, etc.

Submitted by: Petroplast GmbH
Developer: Petroplast GmbH
Manufacturer: Petroplast GmbH
User: Emmi Schweiz AG

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Functionality and convenience