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Young talent (students, trainees, students)



Functional, handy and ecological packaging alternative for potting soil.
Great added value for consumers. Easy to transport. Good handling and degradability.

This handy and ecological alternative to large packages of potting soil was developed to make gardening on balconies easier and more enjoyable. "Tragweite" is easy to transport home on foot or by bike with its easy packaging. The packaging provides excellent breathability, which prevents mildew formation and increases the shelf life. "Tragweite" contains only as much earth as is needed for an average balcony box. Therefore there are no excess amounts of earth. The innovation lies in its manageability, degradability and the use of natural resources. Since potting soil is a very heavy product, perhaps the use of dried earth should be preferred.

Submitted by: Susanne Steckel
Educational institution: University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Tragweite_Verpackungspreis_01.jpg9.3 M

Young talent (students, trainees, students)