Nature Multipack TM

Submitted by: NMP Systems GmbH / KHS Gruppe
Nature Multipack TM

Both the packaging system "Nature MultiPackTM" as well as the printing method "Direct Print" are unique on the beverage and packaging industry market. From conventional raw materials, a flexible adhesive was developed – so several products can be connected on adhesive dots and containers such as PET bottles or cans simply merged into a multi-pack. The consumer-friendly multipacks can be detached by simply turning the bottle. Disposal of packaging material is completely unnecessary for the consumer. With the container decoration "Direct Print", PET bottles are directly printed completely seamlessly in the bottling plant. In addition, designs can be individualized on the bottles.

The jury was impressed with the overall concept, which has been superbly implemented. The beverage six-packs are free of outer packaging and label material.

Submitter: NMP Systems GmbH / KHS Gruppe
Designer/Developer: NMP Systems GmbH / KHS Gruppe
Manufacturer: Beverages manufacturers, filling companies
User: Retail

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Winner, Beverages