Intravalve – a new valve system for aerosols

Submitted by: TUBEX GmbH
Intravalve – a new valve system for aerosols

This novel system for valve aerosol cans simplifies the closing process without significantly affecting the functionality. A conventional valve system comprises a valve plate, an inner elastic ring, located around the tube, and an outer rubber ring, which rests on the edge of the housing. The intravalve system consists of a stabilizer, which already includes tubes and plastic housing. The valve plate and the seals are replaced by the stabilizer. The stabilizer is "shot" into the can by means of a specially developed machine. At 2.6 g, it is very light and sits completely sealed in the can. This is ensured by the shape of stabilizer which opens in the can by means of internal pressure as well as by the shape of the can and the inwardly facing flange. One part is used in place of three items, leading to material and cost savings. The can may be filled as before and opens up new design approaches.

Submitter: TUBEX GmbH
Designer/Developer: TUBEX GmbH & Intravalve AB
Manufacturer: Dose: TUBEX GmbH; Ventilsystem: Intravalve AB
User: Aerosols for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, household and technical areas

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