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Prayer column “Klosterfrau”

Submitted by: THIMM Display GmbH
Prayer column “Klosterfrau”

This prayer column is pre-assembled and individually packaged ready for shipping. The display is thus suitable for fast and simple erection at the chemist’s.

The double-sided information display, offset printed and equipped with sliding technology influences customers with its functionality and attractive overall appearance. The slim shape is space-saving and the advertising and information area on the products can be cleverly extended. The customer can get information on the products "playfully".

This pure information column made of corrugated board brings the shopper into contact with the products in waiting situations. The jury liked the interactive communication solution in conjunction with the appropriate secondary placement. In addition, the sustainability and handling aspects were rated as positive.

Submitter: THIMM Display GmbH
Designer/Developer: Die Jäger von Rockersbühl GmbH
Manufacturer: MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
User: THIMM Display GmbH

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Display and promotional packaging