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true fruits juice

Submitted by: true fruits GmbH
true fruits juice

Louder, more colourful, more vivid. Everything is vying for the favour of the consumer. With food, the customer is lured with colourful pictures boasting delicious promises. In contrast to this is the concept of true fruits: 100% fruit – no tricks. That means no concentrates, sugar additives and colourings. This promise does not stop at the product itself, but is transferred in the packaging.

It was primarily this simple design in the form of a glass carafe, which especially caught the eye of the jury. The design emphasizes the purity of the products. The big lid is easy to open; pouring the contents into a glass is simple. The carafes are designed with a high quality ceramic print that allows a good view of the content. The overall concept was thus implemented very well.

Submitter: true fruits GmbH
Designer/Developer: Lars Lange (O-I GLASSPACK GmbH & Co. KG) / true fruits GmbH
Manufacturer: O-I GLASSPACK GmbH & Co. KG
User: true fruits GmbH

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Winner, Beverages