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Cru de Cao – Limited Edition

Submitted by: Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon GmbH
Cru de Cao – Limited Edition

Chocolate bars lovingly wrapped in wrapping paper and tied with packing string by hand, the "receiver" of Cru de Cao Limited Edition puts a very special message in a very special package. Before it embarks on the journey though, it needs a stamp, which discloses the cocoa percentage and the country of origin. Overleaf the recipient receives all the information about the product, a brief description, and the designation of origin and production details of this creation. This small package already brings pleasure before enjoyment of the product within while each box is unique.

The successful design concept conveys the product very personally and emotionally. Material and use of colour are consistent and selected with great attention to detail.

Submitter: Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon GmbH
Designer/Developer: Michael Trimborn
Manufacturer: Siebengebirgsdruck/Hückstättduck
User: Confiserie Coppeneur et Compagnon GmbH

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Foodstuffs & pet food