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Tetrahedron rice bag

Submitted by: Schwarze Automation GmbH
Tetrahedron rice bag

This new cooking bag contains various functions for simplified use. The tetrahedron with perforations and floating bladder facilitates on the one hand the removal from the cooking pan. In addition, a fork hole and straps with cold zones are integrated for opening by hand. On opening, the tetrahedron forms a new container in the form of a boat which can be used for carrying and pouring the rice. Furthermore, the tetrahedron outer packaging can be folded into a small package and thus saves cardboard materials while a thinner film was used for low material consumption. The film consumption has been reduced solely by its tetrahedral shape compared to flat bags.

The brilliant simplicity distinguishes this cooking bag. The additional function of the user-friendly handling has been elegantly achieved without using additional material.

Submitter: Schwarze Automation GmbH
Designer/ Developer: Fa. PANZANI
Manufacturer: Fa. Blazek/Schwarze
User: Fa. Blazek/Schwarze

LT-0251a_02.jpg1.7 M

Winner, Foodstuffs & pet food