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Folding box lid with single removal for tea filters

Submitted by: Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG
Folding box lid with single removal for tea filters

The folding box lid for tea filters has been equipped with a removal aid for the individual tea filters and thus further developed. With the application of an adhesive point with low adhesive force this function is guaranteed. Since the tea filters are very thin, individual removal is often difficult. The adhesive adheres to the top filter and pulls it free of the others, facilitating individual removal. In particular, the degree of novelty and functionality as well as the overall concept were considered by the jury as positive.

Submitter: Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG, Geschäftsbereich Haushaltsprodukte
Designer/Developer: Andre Werner
Manufacturer: Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG
User: Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG

LT-0295a_02.jpg1.6 M

Foodstuffs & pet food