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Eucerin® in-shower standing display 2014

Submitted by: DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung
Eucerin® in-shower standing display 2014

This supporting display has been very successful designed in the look of a shower stall. This explains the use of the product "at a glance".

The eye-catching display with integrated storyline uses a combination of materials from corrugated cardboard and plastic for a comprehensive design with attention to detail. Both materials are printable with offset and screen printing. Despite a visually light design, high stability and removal is guaranteed. The quality effect provides a very good concept, especially for the chemist’s sector.

Submitter: DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG
Designer/Developer: Sabine Griese
Manufacturer: DS Smith Hamburg Display GmbH
User: Beiersdorf AG

VC-0144_02.jpg2.7 M

Winner, Display and promotional packaging