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Display “crazy”

Submitted by: Model AG
Display “crazy”

Although the display shelves appear to float above the tennis court of Wimbledon, they have a load capacity of 10 kg. A total of 108 bottles can be placed on display. The glued-on base made of EB-corrugated cardboard is strengthened with an inlaid bar. Thus 48 bottles can be placed directly on the base. In addition, the trays are fixed on the one hand to the back and centre wall and on the other hand supported by a triangle, which is also mounted in the two walls. The core part is the centre wall, which holds and stabilizes the entire display.

Despite its stability, the purist design of this display with all its components reflects the essential Evian simplicity.

Submitter: Model AG
Designer/Developer: Model AG, Carlo Munari
Manufacturer: Model AG
User: Evian-Volvic Suisse SA

VC-0172_02.jpg1.6 M

Winner, Display and promotional packaging