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Transport and logistics packaging

F Performance (fish crates)

Submitted by: Georg Utz GmbH
F Performance (fish crates)

The fish crate F performance is a reusable packaging unit for the transport and processing of fish. In previous Styrofoam packaging, the fish lay in the molten ice in its own juices. Thanks to a removable, transportable part in the F Performance fish crate, the fish is separated from the melted ice. The shape of the insert and the lockable lid prevent at the same time a sloshing out of the ice water from the container during transport to the conveyor system. All system components are designed to be easily cleaned.
Of particular significance in this award were the product protection and safety, but also the design of the fish crate.

Submitter: Georg Utz GmbH
Designer/Developer: Rüdiger Sostmann, Sven Witzenhausen
Manufacturer: Georg Utz GmbH
User: Fish industry

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Transport and logistics packaging