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Transport and logistics packaging

Mauser SM13 Composite Pallet

Submitted by: MAUSER-Werke GmbH
Mauser SM31 Composite Pallet

Compared to the previously common basic structure of an IBC pallet (Intermediate Bulk Container Pallet) with central reinforcing traverse, the new tubular frame construction of the MAUSER SM13 composite pallet with its trapezoidal-arranged support structure offers an optimized load distribution. This results in increased stacking ability for ground storage, less deformation in high-bay storage and last but not least due to the new multi-point storage, improved handling with fork lift trucks. With these advantages, the new MAUSER SM13 composite pallet has increased safety in handling, transportation and storage of composite IBCs. In its modular design and the material combination of recycled plastic and steel, it is consistently sustainably planned for reuse and recyclability.

Submitter: MAUSER-Werke GmbH
Designer/Developer: MAUSER-Werke GmbH
Manufacturer: MAUSER-Werke GmbH
User: Chemical industry, petrochemical industry, food and cosmetic industry

SM13_Colage_02.jpg1.6 M

Transport and logistics packaging