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Transport and logistics packaging

Universal vehicle frame

Submitted by: Fürst zu Fürstenberg GmbH & Co. KG
Universal vehicle frame

The multipath-enabled universal frame replaces many vehicle-related individual frames. Due to the flexible use, the pool inventory and stockpiling are reduced significantly. The Unigestell can be used in worldwide associations and need not be necessarily transported back to the sender. In future, different models can be combined in the container, previously not possible due to different frames. So far there were two employees needed for the individual mounting units of 25 kg, now one employee is needed to mount elements of 2 kg onto a pre-mounted standard carrier. The ergonomics and working conditions have thus been significantly improved.
A successful reduction in volume by a folding of the support pillars makes this frame a comfortable option throughout the container cycle.

Submitter: Fürst zu Fürstenberg GmbH & Co. KG
Designer/Developer: H. Zacherl, Audi AG / H. Engesser, Fürst zu Fürstenberg GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturer: Fürst zu Fürstenberg GmbH & Co. KG
User: Audi AG

VT-0300b_02.jpg1.0 M

Transport and logistics packaging