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Packaging machines (engineering and technology)


Submitted by: Robert Bosch GmbH

This disposable filling system provides a fundamentally new approach for the filling of liquid, sterile pharmaceuticals. Currently, in the filling area for sterile drugs, product-contacting parts made of stainless steel are mainly used. For biotechnologically produced drugs it is, therefore, often difficult or impossible to establish a suitable and affordable cleaning method. An alternative to this is pre-made, sterile disposable filling systems which are completely disposed of after bottling a batch – cleaning not required. The achievable savings effects when upgrading or with batch changes are significant, since the cost of the cleaning and sterilization is greatly minimized.

The consistent implementation can be a starting point for a number of other interesting developments.

Submitter: Robert Bosch GmbH
Designer/Developer: Robert Bosch GmbH
Manufacturer: Robert Bosch GmbH
User: Pharmaceutical manufacturers

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Packaging machines (engineering and technology)