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Packaging machines (engineering and technology)

End user packaging system SOMIC 232 FS

Submitted by: SOMIC GmbH & Co. KG
End user packaging system SOMIC 232 FS

Flexible packaging formats require a fast, easy and secure format conversion. Somic uses system engineering for packaging systems, the core of which includes a modular mechatronic function. For this, each machine structure can generate items in a modular, transparent and compact manner. The base machine is thus open to expedient and unit-oriented packaging tasks, which can be varied over and over again. With this interdisciplinary process methodology, Somic demonstrates a development scheme, from which similar sectors such as special machine engineering can benefit.

The submitted solution is thus an example for a systematic modularization concept in the packaging of the final-product. The expected effects are likely especially in the optimization with the machine building, which combines high variance to acceptable profitability with functional security, faster delivery and good integration ability.

Submitter: SOMIC Packaging machines GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturer: SOMIC Packaging machines GmbH & Co. KG
User: Consumer goods industry

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Packaging machines (engineering and technology)