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Young talent


Submitted by: Stuttgart Media University

MAKASHU is a holistic, innovative brand concept for authentic flavoured cashews from the home of the cashew tree. The communication strategy combines the aspect of traditional cuisine in Mozambique, India and Brazil with a contemporary design. The packaging is designed to confront a market dominated by metalized films and tin cans using a more resource-efficient direction, consisting of one side coated cardboard (50 microns OPET), which is sealed to form a sturdy bag.

The application of coated carton for high quality nuts is an innovation. The design language is bought across gracefully and colour used appealingly. The form design facilitates the loading of trays and allows an overall improvement in pallet space allocation.

Submitter: Niko Hetzel
Designer/Developer: Clemens Mallinger, Niko Hetzel
Educational establishment: Stuttgart Media University

LT-0305_01.jpg1.8 M

Young talent