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Young talent

Trident Gum: Packaging Concept

Submitted by: University of Central Lancashire
Trident Gum: Packaging Concept

The dental care, sugar-free chewing gum Trident gum is communicated through the interactive and playful packaging in a witty manner. Three different flavours are represented by three different illustrations of feminine lips or masculine moustaches. The gum itself appears through the window and looks like bright white teeth on a flesh-coloured background.

If the consumer holds the chewing gum package with slipcase in front of the mouth, even more emotional interaction is created. The dental care function is presented in the simplest way. All in all, this results in very good branding and a high level of differentiation from the competition.

Submitter: Hani Douaji
Designer/Developer: Hani Douaji
Educational establishment: University of Central Lancashire

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Young talent