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Transport and logistics packaging

Modular constructed half pallet with closed base plate

Submitted by: WOOD-Form GmbH
Modular constructed half pallet with closed base plate

The semi-modular range with closed cover plate can be turned by the tool-free assembly of two half pallets (600 x 800 mm) into Euro pallet size (1200 x 800 mm). Thus, it is useful, for example as a sales platform in continuous-connection situations. The half pallet has 100% precise dimensions and angles. In addition, the side surfaces are provided with mounting slots for stretch films. The base plate is closed, and made of slip-proof material, with no nails or wood splinters. The half pallet is also very easy to repair. Every single part is interchangeable simply and easily with standard tools.

The high degree of novelty and functionality as well as the environmental aspect were especially highlighted by the jury.

Submitter: WOOD-Form GmbH
Designer/Developer: Klaus Weilbach
Manufacturer: WOOD-Form GmbH
User: Retail, industry, logistics

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Transport and logistics packaging