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Frosch recyclate initiative

Submitted by: Werner & Mertz GmbH
Frosch recyclate initiative

For the first time, transparent PET packaging has been created, containing up to 40% mixed PET waste from household packaging, the Dual System, and has an acceptable discolouration. The concept is based on innovation, the Cradle2Cradle concept, upcycling as well as new processes and formulations. Also, cooperation and the idea of the open innovation "open to all" was incorporated into the development. 100,000 bottles were filled with 20% recycled PET from the Dual System and placed on the market without a single customer complaint.

This consistent implementation of a sustainability strategy for recycled PET with the aim of avoiding Virgin PET by 100% and instead taking advantage of recycled PET from the B2B sector and the yellow bag, was deemed award-worthy by the jurors.

Submitter: Werner & Mertz GmbH
Manufacturer: Alpla-Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co. KG
User: Werner & Mertz GmbH

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