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Sales primary packaging for Bubeck

Submitted by: STI – Gustav Stabernack GmbH
Sales primary packaging for Bubeck

For the launch of the product "Bubeck complete food for small breeds of dog", the packaging takes on a dynamic elliptic shape. The clever locking mechanism on the base is a self-locking, tamper-evident seal without adhesive, is consumer-friendly and reduces the packaging requirements. The packaging design and material reflect well the natural character of the dog food. The use of labels provides the manufacturer with the greatest flexibility in decoration.

The FSC certified cardboard packaging with view window represents an attractive design and smart detail, the use of labels allowing a high flexibility in production.

Submitter: STI – Gustav Stabernack GmbH
Designer/Developer: Carina Böcher, STI Group und Gina Nagel, R. Bubeck & Sohn GmbH
Manufacturer: STI Schräder Verpackungen GmbH
User: R. Bubeck & Sohn GmbH

LT-0209_02.jpg1.9 M

Foodstuffs & pet food