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Baldessarini Nautic Spirit

Submitted by: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Baldessarini Nautic Spirit

The folding box with its classic, straight silhouette is characterized by a high degree of sophistication. Materials from ship-building, such as metal, wood and glass are some of the style elements on the bottle and have been convincingly employed. In addition, photographed surface structures containing fingerprint and QR codes are connected to grey-market protection and multi-channel communication. With high-speed cameras, the surface of the carton is recorded; the individual imprints converted into binary number code and linked with QR codes.

This security technology related to the processing technologies used was evaluated by the jury positively.

Submitter: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Designer/Developer: Peter Schmidt, Hamburg
Manufacturer: Carl Edelmann GmbH

KH-0141_02.jpg1.0 M

Cosmetics & hygiene articles