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Labels, seals and other packaging aids


Submitted by: Syncor e.K. - Hr. Brandlhuber

The ecological screw top made of a 100% wood compound can be fitted either with a glass or wood inlay. This innovative material choice for wine caps was worth a nomination by the jury. Sustainable manufacturing has enabled a reduction in CO2 emissions and it has a very simple sealing process which can be completed by hand or machine. Knocks to the top will not cause leaks – all in all a functional and ecological upgrading of bottle design.

Submitter: Syncor E.k.. - Mr. Brandlhuber
Designer/Developer: Smart Bottle / Fripoo
Manufacturer: Syncor E.k..
User: Wine producers, craft beer producers, whisky makers

EVP-18692-Woodtwister_01.JPG2.8 M

Labels, seals and other packaging aids