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Young talent

Honey gift box packaging

Submitted by: Hanne Brüning & Tizia Geske
Honey gift box packaging

The entire “Berlin honey gift box packaging” concept is coherently and holistically thought out. According to the jury, this kind of packaging for tea or honey has never before been seen, the consumer is addressed directly and an in an easily understandable way. In addition, the materials for the concept were carefully selected, while the shape and graphics clearly communicate honey and the origin of the product, Berlin. With their packaging the two Berlin students have managed to turn an everyday product into an exciting and individual gift.

Submitter: Hanne Brüning & Tizia Geske
Designer/Developer: Hanne Brüning & Tizia Geske
Manufacturer: Hanne Brüning & Tizia Geske
Educational institution: Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

NA_18974-Honiggeschenkverpackung_01.JPG3.2 M

Young talent