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Grass box

Submitted by: C+G Papier GmbH
Grass box

The grass box was developed while searching for alternative fibre materials. So, without competing with food crops and improving technical properties, a new packaging with emotional appeal was created, and this in particular impressed the jury. The shoe box submitted consists of 51% of the innovative material GRASPAP, as well as 49% waste paper. Grass has all the basic properties that are necessary for the production of paper and therefore can be used in addition to waste paper and pulp in the future as a third component of raw material in making carton.

Submitter: C+G Paper GmbH
Designer / Developer: OTTO (GmbH & Co KG)
Manufacturer: C+G Paper GmbH
User: OTTO (GmbH & Co KG)

VA-DIV-19763-Gras-Karton_01.JPG3.6 M