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Submitted by: rose plastic AG

Efficient, safe, easy: terms that apply perfectly to the MH Pack. This packaging for milling cutters is intuitive and easy to open, protecting both users and product; The operator can place the cutting head on the tool holder and only then needs to remove the MH Pack. Thus the MH Pack provides effective protection against injury from the sharp-edged cutters and was a key reason for its nomination by the jury. Sustainability in the MH-Pack is in the foreground, because it can be used several times for milling cutters, as well as for their storage. Also the packaging can be used without protective caps or foam.

Submitter: rose plastic AG
Designer/Developer: rose plastic Werksdesign
Manufacturer: rose plastic AG
User: Manufacturer and end users of modular removable solid carbide cutting heads

VA-DIV-20796-MH-Pack_01.jpg2.1 M