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Submitted by: Krones AG

The BEVkeg is a complete solution for the PET disposable drink keg market. The BEVkeg can be supplied in two variants, pre-formed or compressed – after the blowing process the containers are rolled up for transport optimisation. In the case of the compressed container, transportation to the bottler is efficient, the low internal volume in addition reducing the necessary CO2 flushing prior to the filling process.

Both versions are fitted with carrying handle, lock and disposable beverage pipe, the entire system having many benefits that made a positive impression on the jury.

Submitter: Krones AG
Designer/Developer: Krones AG + Micro Matic
Manufacturer: Krones AG (system technology) + KIC Krones (containers) + micro Matic (tap systems)
User: Breweries + gastronomy

VA-G-21094-BEVKeg_01.jpg9.4 M