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Can for hot filling

Submitted by: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG
Can for hot filling

In a sophisticated process this can by Pirlo has succeeded in enabling hot filling directly into a tinplate can. The novel can has a membrane, and pressure regulation is established which prevents collapsing – thus enabling direct hot-filling for the tinplate can market. The solution to this problem is provided by a foil integrated into the base in which a hole has been previously made. This prevents the formation of a vacuum as the aluminium base extends inwards when the tin is cooled and thus compensates for the pressure – the hull remaining stable.

Submitter: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG
Designer/Developer: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG
Manufacturer: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG
User: Hot fillers

VA-LT-19111-Dose_für_Heißabfüllung_01.JPG3.1 M

Foodstuffs & pet food