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Snap & feed – animal food packaging with system

Submitted by: VerDeSoft GmbH
Snap & feed – animal food packaging with system

Snap & feed is a new and practical packaging solution for pet food. Instead of having single packaging in the form of trays or bags to open, and the contents needing to be poured into a separate bowl which needs to be cleaned every time, snap & feed provides a system for bowl-shaped portion packs. These can be used directly for feeding using a specially designed bowl holder. In particular, the jury praised the fusion of packaging and application into a single system – a smart and elegant solution for cat owners.

Submitter: VerDeSoft GmbH
Designer/Developer: VerDeSoft GmbH / Thomas Reissig
Manufacturer: VerDeTec GmbH

VA-LT-19311-Snap_Feed_01.jpg1.6 M

Foodstuffs & pet food