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Ampac marinade bag

Submitted by: Ampac Flexibels GmbH
Ampac marinade bag

The front of the seal edge bag consists of an aluminium composite film, the back has a transparent high barrier film, both printed with flexible sandwich printing. The zipper has a membrane with a predefined breaking point, which protects the contents until you first open the bag. After opening the zipper, approx. 1 kg of meat can fit in the bag and mixed with 200 ml of marinade.

The packaging design is simple and clever, fast and clean.

The innovative and user-friendly concept has been classified by the jury as worthy of nomination.

Submitter: Ampac Flexibels GmbH
Manufacturer: Ampac Flexibels GmbH

VA-LT-19339-Ampac_Marinadenbeutel_01.jpg2.7 M

Foodstuffs & pet food