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THIMM xPOSe® | pull

Submitted by: THIMM Verpackung GmbH + Co. KG
THIMM xPOSe® | pull

THIMM xPOSe® | pull is a goods display system integrated in the packaging for the attention-grabbing presentation of products on the retail shelf. It is assembled as part of the outer packaging and thus enables full exploitation of the packaging volume. Thus, the use of materials can be drastically reduced due to improved functionality and increased quantity per packaging.

The jury praised this technically novel construction and assembly for machine feed systems as easy and space-saving.

Submitter: THIMM Verpackung GmbH + Co. KG
Designer / Developer: Nicole Gloth, THIMM Consulting GmbH + Co. KG / Horst Kühn, THIMM Verpackung GmbH + Co. KG
Manufacturer: THIMM packaging GmbH + Co. KG

VA-LT-20479-THIMM_xPOSe_01.JPG4.3 M

Foodstuffs & pet food