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Display and promotional packaging

Magic Tape

Submitted by: Kolle Rebbe GmbH
Magic Tape

Due to its special texture, the Scotch brand Magic Tape by 3M is virtually invisible on white paper, can be photocopied without trace and is easy to dispense and tear. To demonstrate the key features of the product, a packaging was developed that makes the product seem invisible. A clever idea according to the jury as it plays with the consumer’s expectations and challenges them. A packaging Houdini-style, which cleverly conceals the product inside by optical effects and the help of the 45 ° angle of a mirror resulting in what looks like a space at the back of the package.

Submitter: Kolle Rebbe GmbH
Designer / Developer: Kolle Rebbe GmbH
Manufacturer: Kolle Rebbe GmbH AG
User: 3M Deutschland GmbH

VC-19058-Magic_Tape_01.jpg2.8 M

Display and promotional packaging