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Display and promotional packaging

Flap Display Evian

Submitted by: Flap Display Evian
Flap Display Evian

Previously consisting of metal, the display needed to be replaced by a cardboard floor display – the easy-to-assemble flap display for Evian.

The display solution is home to three different bottle sizes and is easily accessible, so that the bottles can be easily removed. The display has been cut and designed so it can be flattened and transported to the point of sale simply, and quickly built and equipped on-site. The side walls are reinforced for extra durability. The resource-efficient use of materials, as well as the clever technical implementation according to the jurors appear compact and aesthetically designed at the POS.

Submitter: Flap Display Evian
Designer/Developer: 29-degres
Manufacturer: Model AG, Weinfelden
User: Evian-VOLVIC Suisse SA

VC-19632-Flap_Display_Evian_01.jpg1.6 M

Display and promotional packaging