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Transport and logistics packaging

UTZ Poolpallet UPAL-P

Submitted by: Georg Utz GmbH
UTZ Poolpallet UPAL-P

The plastic pallet specially designed for automation processes in European format consists of a combination of polypropylene with glass fibre and therefore does not require metal inserts. Light, flat, environmentally-friendly – with a total height of 154 mm and a total weight of 17 kg, this recyclable single-material solution is convincing in its robustness: it can be loaded up to 850 kg and withstand temperatures down to -40 ° C. The plastic pallet is also equipped with RFID tags, DataMatrix and bar codes – and thus ideally equipped for industry 4.0 – which is why it has been nominated by the jury.

Submitter: Georg Utz GmbH
Designer/Developer: Frackenpohl Poulheim, Cologne Gerhard Eckbrett-Wels, Utz
Manufacturer: Georg Utz GmbH
User: Zentek Pool System

VT-18898-Utz_Poolpalette-x2.jpg1.5 M

Transport and logistics packaging