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Transport and logistics packaging

Postal packaging with flexible insert

Submitted by: Model AG
Postal packaging with flexible insert

The post dispatch packaging is for the return shipment of repaired smartphones without using additional padding materials. The packaging is made from one piece with defined punch holes and glued areas. There is a compartment for cables and other accessories at the bottom. The upper area of the packaging can accommodate any size of smartphone and fixes them with a specially embossed, flexible and elastic shape. Despite its amazing flexibility and elasticity, the packaging has the necessary stability to fix the content well and to protect from outside influences, which among other things led to the nomination by the jury. A stable packaging is created by overlapping several foldings, providing optimal protection for the Smartphones, including their accessories, in CEP delivery.

Submitter: Model AG
Designer / Developer: Thomas Roeder / Rolf Weilemann
Manufacturer: Model AG, Weinfelden
User: Recommerce AG

VT-19630-Postversandverpackung_01.jpg640 K

Transport and logistics packaging