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Special Award

Carus LED Lampe

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Carus LED Lampe

The Carus company has managed to transfer packaging expertise uniquely into the lamp segment. It has drawn from the expertise of its parent company Seidel GmbH & Co. KG and packed electronics instead of creams or perfumes into precise containers made of aluminium. This has resulted in long-lasting, sustainable light bulbs for everyone.

Carus has completely dispensed with adhesive and composite materials in its production process, creating excellent recycling characteristics as a result. The weight of the lamp compares extremely favourably to the competition.

While the LED lamp is not actually packaging, using this packaging expertise for electronics, lights and similar products for use at home is a unique idea, which they have implemented remarkably well. The result is very convincing and worth special recognition within the framework of the German Packaging Award 2015.

Submitter: Carus GmbH & Co. KG
Designer: Dr. Andreas Ritzenhoff
Developer: Dr. Andreas Ritzenhoff
Manufacturer: Carus GmbH & Co. KG
User: Carus GmbH & Co. KG

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Special Award