Designing and processing

Bocksbeutel PS

Submitted by: Wiegand-Glas
Bocksbeutel PS

Well-known traditional values ​​are brought into the present, which keeps the traditional form of the Frankish Bocksbeutel from extinction. This is a modern interpretation of that well-known form and takes into account modern glass technologies and sustainable glass reduction. The new Bocksbeutel runs on most existing filling systems. Sustainability, design, tradition and modernity have been well brought together and the Bocksbeutel PS fully deserves the German Packaging Award.

Submitted by: Wiegand-Glas
Designer: Professor Peter Schmidt, Atelier PSBZ Hamburg
Developer: Wiegand-Glas in cooperation with the Fränkischen Weinbauverband (FWV) Frankish winegrowers’ association
Manufacturer: Wiegand-Glas
User: all wineries who are entitled to bottle their wines in the distinctive Frankish Bocksbeutel and want to use the new Bocksbeutel for their products

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Designing and processing, Winners Gold Award