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Functionality and convenience

Perlamed-BLISTair (TM)

Submitted by: Perlen Converting AG
Perlamed-BLISTair (TM)

The BLISTair is a disposable inhaler (dry powder inhaler) based on a thermoformed film. A blister machine makes the inhaler, fills and packs it. The primary packaging (for the powder/API) is the device.

The BLISTair offers flexibility to the user, as they can move independently from their stationary and significantly larger and more elaborate inhaler device. It has an unusually high level of convenience, i.e. very easy to handle for the user. The product is also highly functional and cost-effective. The product benefit is quickly apparent, offering many possibilities in the medical and also OTC field. Furthermore, the BLISTair works without needing any further device for its use.

Submitted by: Perlen Converting AG
Designer: Uhlmann Pac-Systeme, Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen, Kaiser Ingenieurbüro in Endingen
Developer: Perlen Converting AG & Dr. Med. Beller
Manufacturer: Perlen Converting AG

FC-31670_Perlamed-BLISTair_2_01.png1.9 M

Functionality and convenience