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Functionality and convenience

Sika Fiber – Water Soluble Packaging

Submitted by: Sika Technology AG
Sika Fiber – Water Soluble Packaging

“Sika Fiber – Water Soluble Packaging” offers improved handling, meets all required packaging requirements, and does not leave any packaging waste.

Plastic macrofibres are used to reinforce the concrete. The fibres are dosed directly into the concrete mixer and mixed in. This usually takes place in very confined places, such as during tunnel construction. To save as much waste and space as possible, the idea was to make the entire packaging water-soluble, so that the whole product, the fibres, and packaging can be dosed into the concrete. The entire packaging then dissolves in the mixer and no waste needs to be disposed of.

Submitted by: Sika Fiber Project Team (Dorothee Quinzler, Carsten Rieger, Dana Maiwald)
Developer: Sika Technology AG (Dana Maiwald)
Manufacturer: Sika Trocal GmbH
User: Sika Services AG

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Functionality and convenience