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Functionality and convenience

CornerPack – intuitive opening aid for tube bags

Submitted by: Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging
CornerPack – intuitive opening aid for tube bags

The CornerPack bag is a packaging solution that provides an opening aid which can be used in the corresponding films (for example BOPP) and at the same time is so intuitive in its application that instructions are not needed.

The CornerPack has semi-circular tear lines on both sides in the upper corners of the package. In this innovative packaging concept, the tear follows the tear line, resulting in a controlled opening of the packaging.

The resulting opening in the corner of the bag in turn allows controlled removal and pouring of the bag contents.

This new opening concept for film bags solves a problem which has been a frequent cause of complaints from end users and has also had a negative impact on the product’s appearance and the resale rate of the product. Thanks to the CornerPack, this simple modification of the opening procedure significantly improves the level of convenience.

Submitted, designed, developed, manufactured by: Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging

FC-32303_CornerPack_1_01.jpg1.7 M

Functionality and convenience