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Functionality and convenience


Submitted by: rlc | packaging group

Simple pulling and closing movements of the inner part presents sweets or tablets individually. The contents can be individually dispensed and can therefore be easily and hygienically removed.

Pulling and closing to reveal a single sweet on the tray has a playful effect. This constant companion stimulates excitement and playfulness with the consumer and offers brands new potential to address the target group on an emotional level.

When the inner part is raised, a further printed image becomes visible which provides an extra communication area.

The complete packaging concept is made from natural raw materials. The tray was developed from food-compatible fibre injection moulding.

The jury was won over by the lift concept for individual parts, and with its playful element, in combination with a great product presentation.

Submitted by: rlc | packaging group
Developer: brandpack GmbH
Manufacturer: rlc | packaging group
User: rlc | packaging group

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Functionality and convenience