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Designing and processing

John Frieda SB Brilliant Shine Shampoo

John Frieda SB Brilliant Shine Shampoo

The product does not only have special technical refinements, but also uses them in a clearly structured design, which has a strong brand management and clearly communicates the “Brilliant Shine” product’s USP to the consumer.

The injection-moulded tube consists of Polypropylene (PP), in combination with a PP-InMould label, which is protected by a satin coat and integrated in the material complex. The closure is also made of PP, is equipped with a hot embossing film, has 2 water-drain holes and can be unscrewed if needed. The pure packaging concept also offers ideal conditions for recycling.

All facets have been accounted for and a high-quality product developed for the premium segment.

Submitted by: Kao Germany GmbH (Daniel Nebe)
Designer: Kao Germany GmbH
Developer: Kao Germany GmbH, VIVA Packaging Europe NV
Manufacturer: Viva Packaging Europe NV
User: Global Beauty Hair Care Mass

GV-31847_john_frieda_sheer_blond_brilliant_shine_01.png243 K

Designing and processing