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Designing and processing

InSmoke Classic InShape packaging in 30 varieties

Submitted by: InSmoke AG
InSmoke Classic InShape packaging in 30 varieties

This small and fine folding carton solution for 30 different varieties of e-cigarette refilling liquids was impressive due to its unusual packaging, the premium print and different finishes in the form of matt/gloss coating, microstructural finish. The ornaments used and the additional hot foil print round off the overall high-quality impression.

The strong identity of the packaging is in a refined form on all sides, also on the closure flap. The barcode is also integrated into the appearance as a corporate identity element.

All ten individual packages together form a new self-contained packaging.

The jury was impressed by the high quality, its multi-faceted nature and precision in production of the folding packaging.

Submitted by: InSmoke AG
Designer: Fabian Aeschlimann
Fabian Aeschlimann / MODEL AG
Manufacturer: MODEL AG
User: InSmoke AG

GV-32942_InSmoke_28645-klein_01.jpg106 K

Designing and processing