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Submitted by: BIO-LUTIONS International AG

The basis of this packaging innovation is fibre packaging made from exclusively agricultural waste (banana stems, tomato plants, pineapple shrubs, rice straw, sugar cane leaves, wheat straw). So, sustainability is supported in several ways:

  • Use of regional agricultural waste;
  • Low complexity of the manufacturing process allows local production on site;
  • 100% biodegradability

were the main aspects which convinced the jury.

Submitted, designed and developed by: Eduardo Gordillo, BIO-LUTIONS International AG
Manufacturer: BIO-LUTIONS International AG
Users: B2B: customers in the field of packaging B2C | disposable tableware

NH-32952_BIO-Lutions_verpackung_aus_agrarabfall_ananasstrauch_01.png4.4 M

Sustainability, Winners Gold Award