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OLED – a bright future

Submitted by: Karl Knauer KG
OLED – a bright future

The jury is probably awarding the first illuminated printed packaging ever to include printed, flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). The packaging aid is a great advancement in the field of smart packaging and as a first for printed electronics and brand staging at the POS or POA “beams up” to a new level (even in a daylight environment).

OLEDs are nanometer-thin, self-radiating, flat light sources and consist of organic semiconductors. They can be printed all over, even on the electronic components including batteries. OLEDs are 100-500 times brighter than electroluminescence, but they need only a fraction of their energy, are ultra-thin, flexible and cost-effective to manufacture. Because of their low energy consumption, light elements maintain energy-efficient power for many weeks and months thanks to integrated batteries. The technology is sustainable, recyclable and can easily be disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.

Submitted by: Karl Knauer KG
Designer: Coca-Cola and Karl Knauer KG
Developer and manufacturer: Karl Knauer KG and INURU GmbH
User: Coca-Cola

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