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Presentation of goods

HagerGroup sample box, cardboard packaging as a modular system

Submitted by: Hager Papprint GmbH
HagerGroup sample box, cardboard packaging as a modular system

The modular system for the presentation of light switches and sockets is ideal for use in large plastic boxes as well as in individual consignments. The folding box construction which is both material and cost efficient is visually appealing and is impressive in its easy handling and flexible application.

The composition of the 1, 2 and 4 modules provides the desired flexibility: from small sizes to unusual combinations.

Different products can be combined, transported and presented in the newly created packaging system. Sales requirements, combination possibilities right up to the individual dispatch and the strengthening of the corporate identity have been created without compromising resources and profitability.

Submitted, developed and manufactured by: Hager Papprint GmbH, Kirkel
Designer: HagerGroup, Blieskastel
User: Hager Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG

WP-32906_Musterbox_HagerGroup_modul_2x1___1x2_01.jpg2.4 M

Presentation of goods