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Economic efficiency

Transport stacking-corners for industrial fans FS 174

Submitted by: Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH
Transport stacking-corners for industrial fans FS 174

The transport stacking corners made of corrugated board were impressive in the economy category.

Through an innovative design change, a 1-part solution was created from a 2-part solution. The mechanical strength values ​​continued to be achieved despite the modification. The change shows a material reduction of 30% and a 48% reduction of the set-up time.

Submitted by: Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH
Designer: Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH
Developer: Marco Rammler
Manufacturer: Mondi Wellpappe Ansbach GmbH
User: ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG

WI-32945-Transport-Stapelecken_01.jpg80 K

Economic efficiency