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Economic efficiency

SYMBIEX - The world’s fastest laminating technology

Submitted by: Dow Europe GmbH
SYMBIEX - The world’s fastest laminating technology

SYMBIEX ™ is a new adhesive system for laminating multilayer packaging films. The actual performance is the intelligent SYMBIEX adhesive technology, which is the fastest lamination process for the production of flexible film packaging.

Current adhesive systems and the associated machine technology require relatively long setting times (up to one week) before the laminates produced in this way can be further processed. In a joint development project, a completely new laminating technology was developed, which significantly simplifies the laminating process and allows cutting and rewinding of the laminate after only 60-90 minutes. In less than 24 hours the laminate has completely set and can come into contact with food after this short time. The ultra-rapid setting time of the Symbiex adhesive technology allows the packaging industry to significantly shorten the entire production process and make it more efficient.

Submitted by: Thorsten Schmidt
Developer: R & D Team at Dow Adhesives
Manufacturer: Dow Chemical
User: Packaging industry

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Economic efficiency