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Machine engineering, technology, software

System Vacuum-Powder-Filler SDH with SBS Powder

Submitted by: Rovema GmbH
System Vacuum-Powder-Filler SDH with SBS Powder

The innovative screw dosing system has been developed specifically for powdered bulk solids. Low-dust and compact dosing is always a major challenge in vertical tube bag machines. The core element of the award-winning system is the dispensing of the filling material in the screw dosing device. The dosage accuracy is improved by up to 50% and the output increased by up to 10%. Furthermore, the reduction of the bag size by up to 15% results in corresponding packaging savings and a better utilisation of the transport volume. More important in terms of sustainability, though, is the fact that very thinly coated papers or thin polymer films can be used because there is very little impairment of sealing quality due to dust and therefore no thick sealing layers are required. The highly compact packs provide very good dropping resistance even in the case of thin packaging materials.

Submitted by, designer, developer, manufacturer: Rovema GmbH
User: Powder Packaging Industry

VM-31932_SDH_Vacuum-Powder_Filler_01.jpg1.6 M

Machine engineering, technology, software, Winners Gold Award