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Functionality and convenience

Grill Pyramid

Submitted by: Palm Verpackung
Grill Pyramid

This submission was impressive in its simple application and sensible use of materials, combining packaging and function in one: the BBQ pyramid allows you to transport the charcoal using the convenient carrying handle and includes ready-to-light charcoal with a built-in fire lighter (in the form of wax paper).

The proof of this is when you use it: press in the corners of the pyramid, place the bag on the grill, snap off the point of the pyramid and set it alight. The pyramid shape creates a chimney effect and the BBQ charcoals are glowing after just a short time.

The use of corrugated cardboard makes the packaging concept sustainable. Since the pyramid is burned during use, there is no packaging waste resulting in an excellent CO2 footprint.

Submitter: Palm Verpackung
Designer: Renate Kreft, Andreas Wahl, Yücel Metin
Developer: Judith Fenkl, Manuel Franke, Yücel Metin
Manufacturer: Wellpappe Alzenau
User: Palm Verpackung

FC-34957_Grill-Pyramide_01.jpg2.4 M

Functionality and convenience